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Jinzhou Sing Horn Group, a subordinate group of Sing Horn Group, was established in June 2007. Jinzhou Sing Horn Group is located in Banjita town, Linghai city, Jinzhou, Liaoning. It is the non-ferrous production base of Sing Horn Group.

Jinzhou Sing Horn Group has 2000 staffs in total and has many subsidiaries including Shenjiatai Production Base, Banjata Production Base, Hongta Kaolin Development Co., Ltd. Jinzhou Sing Horn Technology Development Company, Linghai Chemicals Enterprise Co., Ltd. Research Center, Laboratory Center and Quality-control Center.

Shenjiatai Production Base
Shenjiatai, a place where Sing Horn started its business, is the production base for molybdenum products. In 1994, there were only several simple equipments but now it is a big smelting factory with large rotary kilns for roasting and an advanced chemical laboratory. The production base has annual capacity of 15,000 tons ferro molybdenum, 20,000 tons molybdenum oxide. The company also pays more attention to clean production, using dust-collect equipment to absorb SO2 to produce sodium sulfite.
Banjita Production Base
Established in April 2000,this company is located in Banjita town in Linghai city, bordered with Jin-Chao highway. Through several years of development, Banjita Base has gained the annual capacity of 1,000T metal powder and 10,000 tons of chromium corundum. Its main products are chromium power, ferromolybdenum powder, ferrochromium powder, ferro titanium, chromium corundum power etc. The powder products are applied in fields like metallurgy, chemical engineering and refractory material. It is one of the most biggest powder plants in China.
Linghai Chemicals Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Linghai Chemicals Enterprise Co., Ltd. situates in Linghai city, and it is a joint venture with the most shares held by Sing Horn. The company has built up a production line to remove impurity,with annual capacity of 10,000 tons. A project for extracting vanadium is being under construction.
Sing Horn Group Research Center
Jinzhou Sing Horn Group Research Center has a professional research team grouped by high calibre and experienced people.Its major commitments are the management of research subjects as well as the development research of various metal ore,non-metallic ore development and utilization,the comprehensive utilization of industrial wastes and other aspects of development.
The center is willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign research institutions research sectors and tertiary institutions,to make full use of metal and non-metallic resource for social services.
Sing Horn Group Laboratory Center
Sing Horn Group Laboratory Center is situated in Banjita Town,Linghai City.By using advanced equipments and assaying method,the center is specialized in analyzing molybdenum,chromium,vanadium,titanium and other raw meterials,semi-finished and finished products and can analyze more than 40 elements and more than 50 analyzing subjects.
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